Thursday, June 11, 2015


Adolf Hitler’s nightmare vision of a “racially purified” social and political order in Europe, and even the world, centering on an “Aryan” and ascendant Third Reich and its so-called “racial” allies. What might Europe have looked like had Nazi Germany won the war? The Holocaust would have been completed, eliminating all Jews—about 11 million—from Europe and Russia. Roma, too, would have vanished. All mentally and physically handicapped would die, and most war wounded. Slavs would die or be sterilized in vast numbers: about 90 percent were slated for elimination by starvation and exposure. The rest of the Slavic population, living in eastern provinces of a Reich that would touch the Volga, were to work as agrarian slaves on vast Nazi hacienda, overseen by retired Feldmarschälle and members of the Nazi Party governing elite. The great Slav cities of the east were to be razed, then ploughed under so that not even an echo of Carthaginian bones would remain visible to history: even the memory of Slavic civilization was to disappear. The Low Countries, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland would be eliminated as sovereign states, annexed to a Reich, and linked by Autobahn and super railways to Berlin. The Balkans would be divided with Italy, which was to be allowed a subordinate empire around the Mediterranean. Populations would be forcibly moved to fit the new borders, the opposite of what was done in 1919 at the Paris Peace conference where borders were moved to fit extant populations. France would be reduced to a minor agrarian province feeding the Greater Reich. Britain could choose to displace Italy as Germany’s junior partner if it accepted Nazi hegemony, but if it continued to resist and had to be invaded then it, too, was to be utterly subjugated. The British male population between ages 17 and 45 was to be deported to work as forced laborers. Perhaps a puppet king, but more likely just a Gauleiter, would be installed in place of Parliament.

Outside Europe large parts of east, west, and southern Africa were to be joined in a massive German colony and resettled by volksdeutsch colonists. Most native Africans would work as slaves and servants, with the population culled by death squads and sterilization to manageable numbers, as in eastern Europe and the Russias. South Africa would be left in the hands of white Afrikaans and possibly expanded, at the expense of the Portuguese Empire. North Africa would be parceled out to Spain and Italy, but Germany would retain dominant rights there as well. Ethnic Germans could also expect to manage colonial regimes across the Middle East, where all Jews would of course be eliminated as the Grand Mufti had proposed to Hitler. But Arabs and Muslims would not fare well either, which the Mufti failed to realize. The Japanese would occupy Southeast Asia and Australasia, most of China, and all of Manchuria and Siberia. The Japanese and German empires would meet— but not collide—in Afghanistan, and Berlin and Tokyo would partition and rule in India. Latin America would host growing colonies of Herrenvolk. North America would be contained and subservient, or conquered by a global Axis alliance armed with war-winning Wunderwaffen, attacking with vast fleets built in the shipyards of all Europe and Asia that steamed across the Atlantic and over the Pacific, while huge armies advanced out of South and Central American bases through Mexico. It was, of course, mostly wild and even idiotic fantasy. But enough of it became real where the Nazis did in fact control subject populations that, had they won the war, this vision threatened to turn all dreams of civilization into a nightmare Dark Age.

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